Book 1: Dark Hollow

Dark Hollow
Book One of the Hidden Heritage Series

Tabitha Devins spent eighteen years waiting for her mother to tell her whom her father was, where her mother had disappeared all those years ago and perhaps where she had gotten magical abilities.

Now it is the summer of her high school graduation and she plans on earning every penny she can to get off to college, leave the island of Porta Negra and her mother’s secrets behind. As she sees a sliver of freedom in her future, her mother disappears again leaving only a cryptic note. The clues lead tabitha to the glen known as Dark Hollow where her mother had originally disappeared.

Tabitha delves into the nest of her mother’s secrets and finds a world she never knew existed with a race of people with magical abilities much like her own. As she searches this new world for her mother, she learns that her father has been looking for her as well.

Before she can head off to meet him, she finds herself caught between a magical race of people discouraging her from meeting her father and a dark drama unfolding back on her island home.

Would her mother’s secrets keep her from ever returning home?

Hidden Heritage Series