Book 2: Dark Legacy

Dark Legacy is now available on Amazon. You can download or order a print book!

I have attached Chapter One if you would like a preview!!

Dark Legacy Chapter One

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Book Teaser from the back cover:

Tabitha Devins disregards the warnings and goes in search of the father she never knew. In meeting him, she gets a taste of a pampered and indulgent life.

Those days are numbered as the pleasant life her father shows her begins to crumble and the truth of his deception and the dark path of his true objectives become clear.

As she digs deeper to find the truth about her parents, she finds herself caught in a dark snare that could cost her freedom.

She puts her trust in Luc, but as the web of dark intentions her father has cast begins to close in, even Luc’s loyalty comes into question.

As a side note… I have opted to only publish initially on Amazon. In exclusivity, I found I was getting more sales from the Kindle Unlimited program than I was getting from Kobo and Barnes and Noble combined. This may or may not be a permanent decision as I am testing my results so please stay tuned!  Any nook readers, I apologize and check back to see if I have loaded it there as well! 

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