Hidden Heritage Series. Book 4

TabithaTabitha: It had been almost 4 years since she had left Caska and the drama that had changed her life. As she works through her  senior year of college and life was settling down to a dull hum as the events that had rocked her world settled into her past.

Her abilities are growing  under Kayle’s careful tutelage and she is trying to find a way to live with them in the human world. Benjamin PrideA chance encounter with Ben Pride, a young doctor in an emergency medical clinic offers Tabitha the opportunity to open up to a man in a way she had thought not possible since leaving Luc.

But the past has a way of slipping its grip into the present and the frightening events that are unfolding around her can no longer be ignored. A late night attack followed by a stalking Caskan presence sends her quiet world into a spiral. Kayle returns with disturbing information that will resurrect the pain and past and leave Tabitha once again on a dark path towards an unknown destination.

LucLuc: Luc’s world in torn apart, his home has been destroyed in a violent civil war and his family has had to escape to the Northern Faye in search of refuge. The scholar has turned into an unwilling warrior as the black elf invasion is gaining traction and more of his homeland is succumbing to their deadly ravaging. The Caska people are being decimated and the Faye clans have offered to meet with the remaining forces to find a solution. The price of their demands is the attendance of a healer.
Luc refuses to bring Tabitha back to be the pawn in a deadly negotiation but his world is crumbling and the ramifications are that Tabitha’s world may be the next world to face this deadly invasion.

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Hidden Heritage Series