Book 3: Dark Sacrifice

Coming in Spring  Fall 2015


Stay Tuned!  The first 10 pages of Dark Sacrifice will be available shortly!   I will post them to give you an insight into the next installment.

Quick Update on Dark Sacrifice!  The summer has been a crazy one and I am finalizing the last chapter!  Editor is already scheduled so Dark Sacrifice is well on its way to being completed!  Sorry for the delay but I hope you enjoy the 3rd book in the series!

Dark Sacrifice is done! I will add a description of the book as I get that done! I will be working on it while my editor does some polishing!

As promised, Here is Chapter 1!  Let me know what you think! I am very excited to get this book out!

Dark Sacrifice Chapter 1

And the back cover so far:

The price of freedom may be a dance in the flames

Held hostage by her father and betrayed by Luc, Tabitha Devins needs all of her courage and wits to find a way to break out of the deadly entanglement she has found herself in. The events have catapulted her into a dangerous game and she doesn’t know the rules.

Her father’s demand that she acquiesce to his rules under the threat to her loved ones is leaving her few options. The list of people she can trust has dwindled, as does the opportunity to escape.

Tabitha’s powers seem to be growing as she is forced to experiment with new abilities in an effort to find a way to freedom. Every step she takes seems to have deadly consequences as she learns the truth behind the creature her father has let into the land.

Trusting Luc may be her only option but he has betrayed her once and she is not sure she can survive another betrayal.

Hidden Heritage Series